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Bayt al-Hikma, Arabic for “The House of Wisdom,” lives in the cultural imagination as a library in medieval Baghdad that drew together scholars across languages and disciplines to translate Aristotle, invent algebra, develop medicines and write literature. As is often the case when cultural events become popular myths, the historical reality is a bit more complicated.

At Hikma, we prefer the messier, more decentralized story of a network of scholars navigating societal, cultural, and political circumstances across space and time. Creatives and inventors have the greatest capacity to create change when they engage with new contexts. We can help you chart new pathways for your discoveries.

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Ala ad-Din Mansur-Shirazi, c1574-1595.

We help people with unique expertise bring their ideas to new contexts.

From physicists, to art historians, to startup founders, academics and entrepreneurs are trained to thrive in uncertainty and understand their knowledge gaps even as they make new discoveries. In a world that often seems hungry for easy fixes, it can be difficult to craft a message that is both accurate and easy to read. This is where we come in.


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So you want to change the world? Let’s make a plan.

Clear communication is key to building trust with partners and stakeholders across disciplines, organizations, and locations. From op-ed writing to grant development, facilitation, and our community-centered courses, we can help you leverage your expertise in new contexts.

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