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Dr. Mary Chapman

Academic Director

Public Humanities Hub

University of British Columbia

"I've worked with Erica for over three years, in her roles at Hikma Strategies, UBC's Knowledge Exchange Unit, and UBC's SPARC office. She gives terrific advice about grant applications, is an effective oral and written communicator, and a tactful and inspired facilitator. Her goal is always to help researchers be the best that they can be!"

Dr. Farinaz Havaei

Assistant Professor

School of Nursing

University of British Columbia

“Erica Machulak is the only person I know where garbage in is NOT garbage out! I have had the pleasure of working with her two times over the past three years, and every time Erica’s contribution to my success has been extremely impressive... My program of research integrates complex conceptual frameworks with advanced research methodologies and extensive partnership development, and in both applications, Erica helped me articulate a comprehensive research narrative that beautifully captured all components of my research program. Not only did Erica help with the improvement of the writing itself, but she also provided consultations to clarify ideas and frame them strategically.”


Dr. TS Krishnan

Independent Researcher

Ethnography, E-Waste, Supply Chain


"Erica has assisted me in distilling a complex research project into a format that is understandable to non-specialists. Erica was really helpful in breaking down and re-organizing the complex project into a form that communicates key ideas effectively and convincingly. Erica's approach is what I'd term first principles thinking. I wish Erica was a member of my doctoral dissertation committee!"