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Customized workshops for your organization

We work with departments, research teams, professional associations, and other groups to transform great ideas into policy, practice, and public good.


Grant Development

Craft a compelling research narrative built on a clear vision for your project.

Media Writing

Connect with new audiences through OpEds, blog posts, and other media.

Knowledge Translation

Design a plan to transform your research into policy and practice.


Steps and strategies to take your freelance work to the next level.

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Erica Machulak, PhD

Founder & Lead Facilitator

Kim Pawlak

Director of Publishing and Operations

Textbook and Academic Authors Association

"Erica presented a webinar for our members on how to hook your audience and it was very well received. Participants rated it a 10 out of 10, with comments such as 'A great resource for clarifying audience. I'm so glad the presenter gave us strategies and tools for this important aspect of writing! Thank you! and 'I've enjoyed TAA webinars, but this one was the most valuable to me, even after publishing a few books and 13 editions of one of them.' Thanks Erica!"

M. V. Ramana

Director of the Liu Institute for Global Issues

University of British Columbia

"As someone who had put in my years at trying to translate my research into more publicly accessible outputs, I had gone into the workshop presuming that there wouldn’t be much to learn. To my pleasant surprise, I was wrong... Erica proved to be a great facilitator, posing probing questions, requesting people to develop concrete plans for positive change that could be discussed with peers from a range of disciplines and improved."

Our virtual workshops will help you build critical skills and strategies to fuel your next idea. 

Our Approach

Our facilitators mix in presentations with exercises and discussion to engage action-oriented professionals. We tailor our programs to meet your organization's needs.

Expert Facilitators

We build rigorous programs for driven professionals. Our facilitators are PhDs with decades of collective experience in facilitation and instructional design. 

Dynamic Content

Our programs combine presentations, hands-on exercises, and facilitated discussion to create relevant, engaging learning experiences.

Peer to Peer

We bring out the best in your organization by encouraging participants to share ideas, exchange feedback, and co-create pathways forward.