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Our virtual workshops will help you build critical skills and strategies to fuel your next idea. 

Our facilitators mix in presentations with exercises and discussion to engage action-oriented professionals. We tailor our programs to meet your organization's needs.

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“The workshop was intense, in a fulfilling way, and included a mix of activities that kept participants constantly engaged without being bored by a series of power point presentations. Erica proved to be a great facilitator, posing probing questions, requesting people to develop concrete plans for positive change that could be discussed with peers from a range of disciplines and improved.”

— Dr. M. V. Ramana

Liu Institute for Global Issues

University of British Columbia

Grant Development

Learn how to craft research narratives that win hearts, minds and funding.

Knowledge Exchange

Build strategies to communicate new ideas, build partnerships, and co-create programs that drive meaningful change.

Career Planning for PhDs

Translate your skills, clarify your worth, and map new career contexts. Our step-by-step program will help you design a plan that aligns with your interests and values.